This past weekend, we made the trek out to Canton. If you are unaware of what all "Canton" entails, then you are truly missing out. While it is actually called "First Monday Trade Days," most people simply refer to it by the town it is located in: Canton, TX.

Basically, it is a huge craft/home decor show. We walked for hours, and didn't even begin to see it all. 

I did see a few things I couldn't pass up...

Hey, $8/yard is hard to beat!

This is my version of a candy store; I could look at ribbon all day (although, I could look at candy all day as well). 

I thought a few of these ribbons would make some very preppy belts; and at $1.25 for every 2 yards, they would be even cheaper than my original belt!

There really were lots of other cute things... Just not things that I HAD TO HAVE, like this:

Hmmm... My plan was to document my trip to Canton, but it looks like my camera could only capture ribbon and fabric. I definitely had sewing on my mind.

I had intentions of taking pictures of vendors that I liked, and gathering tons of business cards so that I could give you links to all of their websites. But, alas, I was too busy shopping. The two cards that I did pick up have some great products.

First, is Jillian's Place. The site isn't great yet (the lady said it would be fully up and running in a week or so), but the fabrics are cute and cheap.

And second is Tatermash, which is all oilcloth products. I love her bibs and lunch sacks, and she will embroider names or initials on them. 

I am very excited about my purchases, and am sure to be busy crafting in the coming days. Be sure to stay tuned to see my plans for the loot. 


Krista said...

I LOVE it!!! I will definitely stay tuned to see what your creative genes muster up next . . . I used one of the new oil cloth bibs today; it was so nice . . . the mess was cleaned up rather nicely and quickly, leaving no trace of baby food behind! =)

Cindy said...

First of all thanks for the sweet comments about my Teacher Appreciation Ideas posts! I was looking through your blog and saw this post----I used to live at Cedar Creek Lake. Do you live close to there. Oh I miss Canton! Does the fabric place sell that oil cloth in your picture(green with strawberry) or is it already made up into items from the next shop you mentioned. I just posted about making oil cloth lunch sacks and would love some more!

Christy said...

I've only been once but don't remember seeing all of those cute things. Looks like I need to plan another trip.