I'm a belt maker, I make belts, I made a belt on my first try!

Anyone who knows what movie I'm vaguely referencing with my blog title wins my love and affection forever.

Onto more important things. Like this belt. Isn't it so sweet? Just like headbands, a cute belt can make an outfit look much more put together. I have not, however, amassed a large collection of cute belts, so I decided I would start by making one similar to this Vera Bradley one ($26). Man! Why can't it be 90% off?!

So, that was my goal: make a belt for less than tres dolores. 

I used the tutorial from Creative Little Daisy as my guideline, but mine is just 2 fabrics, rather than a patchwork.

All that you need is a little fabric, heavy weight interfacing, and D rings. 

I cut two strips of fabric twice the width of my D rings which were 1 1/2". I used a belt that I already owned as my guide for how long the strips should be. I don't think its necessary to worry about particulars like inches when it comes to my waist. Unless I want to be depressed for the rest of the day. Which I don't. 

Then I cut the interfacing the same length, but only 1 1/2" wide.

I should have used Creative Little Daisy's tip to use fusible interfacing, but I didn't read that until I got back from the store, so I used what I had, and it worked fine. Simply place the interfacing in the center of one of the strips, and fold and iron the fabric around it. 

Iron the second strip by pressing the edges toward the center. Does that make sense?

Once ironed, I placed the two strips, wrong side together, on top of each other, and snipped the edges, so it would look nicer when folded. 

Fold. This picture is showing the side that the D rings will go on. For the other end, simply fold the raw edges inside, and sew 90 degree angles. 

Sew all the way around.

Get frustrated because your machine is SO SENSITIVE! Rethread, and begin again.

Slide D rings on the folded edge. 

Fold over, and sew it down.

And voila! A belt! And it cost me less than $3!


Hazel said...

Adorable !!

Autumn said...

Ooooo so cute!!! AND I know the movie, What About Bob!!!!!!! But I already have your love and affection forever and ever so I want another prize;)

Jenny said...

I LOVE IT! You are a woman of many talents:)!!