Dry-erase Message Board

Long time, no blog! I knew it had been a while, but when I opened blogger to see that my last post was in September, I was completely shocked!

I admit that regular posting has proved to be a challenge for at least the last year. I guess after 2 and a half years of craft blogging, I was feeling uninspired. Not to say that I haven't worked on numerous projects over the last year; its just that I didn't feel that they were anything that you hadn't already seen before.

After taking this extended break, I think I'm ready to come back! I may not have mind-blowing and original ideas every single day, but I will have fun showing you what's going on in my craft room!

To kick off my return to no-pressure craft blogging,
why not start with a project that's been
all over the web for the last year!?

A Dry-erase Message Board!

I've had this oversized frame sitting around and
thought it would be perfect on the wall just off of the kitchen.
I used brown craft paper as the backing,
and then cut snowflakes from the Sunday paper.
For some sparkle, I added glitter along the edges of the flakes.
(I plan on changing the background as the seasons change.)

I love that while utilitarian in purpose, it is also pretty to look at!

Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to showing you what else I've been up to!


Brittney said...

Glad you are back!! I was missing youe creativity!

Susy said...

OK, first of all, anything you craft is super exciting!! And second of all, love the dry erase board!! Glad you're back!!

Rebecca =) said...

But, what makes it dry-erase? Neither the brown craft paper nor the snowflakes are dry-erase, are they? It's very cute, and would be wonderfully useful... but I think I'm missing something.

I just read your post from 2008 with the brown sugar scrub. I mixed up a batch and jumped in the shower to try it out, and I LOVE it! Thank you so much!


Kristin said...

Thanks for the sweet comments!

Also Rebecca, the frame still has the glass in it; so I put paper and snowflakes behind the glass, and then can change it easily. The writing is on the glass, which can easily be wiped clean. I'm happy to hear the body scrub worked! Thanks for visiting!