Emphasis on the word "little"

At least we know that there is truth in advertising:

I guess for 100 calories, you aren't going to get much in the way of brownies (they do taste good, though). 

On another note, I still hate patterns. 

But, hopefully will be able to provide you with some sort of an update on my most recent project

p.s. I strongly dislike patterns. 


Holly said...

Even if that bag contained an entire pan of brownies, it would probably leave me wanting more! :) I'm a chocaholic with a terible sweet tooth.
Can't wait to see what your latest project is!

Emily said...

The 100 Calorie packs usually just make me more hungary. I do like the chocolate covered pretzels and after I eat the entire box of 100 calorie packs, I usually feel satisfied.

Krista said...

Can't wait to see your latest project!

aimeeterry said...

i love the 100 calorie snacks packs. i just eat two or three pack. hee hee