Good things come to those who wait

Remember this post, where I was lusting over a certain J. Crew headband, but I vowed I would never pay full price?

Well, now I am the proud owner of this adorable headband - except I got it for 70% off. I love sales.


April said...

Great Deal...it does pay to wait...congrats !!

*amanda* said...

how cute! yay!!! :o)

Craft Junkie said...

There is nothing better than finding something you've been wanting really bad ON SALE! I so love a good sale. Great score! lol

Dina said...

J. Crew outlet...my home away from home! Unfortunately I have to travel far from my current home (Canada) to my previous home (Midwest) to make it so I stock up whenever I stop by. "That clearance rack...I'll take one!"
Lovin' the craft ideas and your profile priorities: Christian, wife, mother, etc. I'm off to try the decoupage craft on some pillows on this lazy afternoon! Thanks for the great tutorials and ideas!