Spray paint is my friend

The first thing that my oldest did when she saw her newly assembled and painted table was squeal and jump for joy. 

Then she asked, "Why didn't you paint it pink?"

Once she found out about the flowers, she was convinced. That made it girly enough.

Would you have ever guessed that
I got this at IKEA?

This was the easiest project ever. After priming it with white spray paint, I followed up with two more coats of aqua.

Then, here's the best part... I used vellum stickers for the flowers. I've always envied people who can, with the stroke of a brush, create art (if you want to see someone who can, go to Doodle Design Shop. This is one of my daughter's teachers, and she has some ADORABLE wall art). I am SO not one of those people. I even started to buy paint to attempt it, but then realized that I would only be causing more trouble.

After sticking them down, I did go over it with a clear coat of spray paint 5 or 6 times. I hope that this will last through the summer at least, but I figured that no matter what I did with it, since it is outside, it won't look perfect. If it gets too bad, I can always sand it down next year, and give it a fresh coat (maybe even in pink).



Christy said...

What a great idea for using the stickers. I love aqua too!

Krista said...

You GO girl! You've gotten a TON done in the past week! The picnic table looks great! =) I know the girls will LOVE it!

Dan Mayfield said...

That is so cute. And I love their haircuts.

featherbed said...

this is SO sweet! I can't believe it's from Ikea either!!