Ikea Isn't Just for the Super Mod Minimalist

This past weekend, on the same trip that took us to Canton, we visited one of my most cherished stores. 

If you haven't been before, plan a trip to the nearest Ikea; and bring the kids. Mine love it.

And how could you not love a place that provides you with shopping for hours on end, and lets you feed your family for under $6? I can hear the scoffing now ("Hot dogs? Really?"). Oh, but they are such delicious hot dogs, even better than my usual favorite hot dog spot: Kwik Trip gas stations in MN. Don't I sound so refined?

While we visited Ikea this past weekend, we heard it announced that the average time most shoppers spend in the store is 3 hours. I was happy to hear it; it made me feel normal.

Even their carts are fun to push!  All four wheels swivel so smoothly, and the girls love to be spun around in circles. I know... I'm gushing over carts (a.k.a. buggies - only my family will get that joke). But seriously, good carts are a necessary element to good shopping with kids. 

Throughout the store the kids can get their energy out at various play-stations. Those swedish marketers are smart. 

I get so excited by their glass jar selection. They have all sorts of shapes and sizes, and every time I go, I end up getting at least one. This time I got one of these frosted ones with a cool sealing lid. You should see what I plan to put in it... Great gift idea! I promise I will show you later.

You shouldn't be surprised that I hung out in their fabric section for a while.

And I picked up a few cool prints. Can you guess what I will make with them? Hint: it won't be curtains.

This final purchase was a necessity. In case you can't tell from the picture, it is a miniature-sized picnic table. Perfect for keeping those kids of mine outside during summer meal times (oh-kay... not every meal, but a lot). I've always been amazed at the messes my kids can produce with food; hopefully this will cut back on that. 

But, once again, I have greater plans for this picnic table; I will be sure to blog about it.

I better get started on all these projects!


Anonymous said...

Oh my, I can't wait! I'm hooked!

Craft Junkie said...

I have cruised through some Ikea stuff online but I've never been to a real Ikea store...now you've got me wanting to go. They have a little of everything, don't they?

Elliemae said...

I say buggies also! My husband thinks I'm weird. I am guessing you are from Texas, because you said Canton and buggies. I'm originally from Nacogdoches. I found your blog through Today's Creative Blog. I'm addin' you to my reader! Thanks for all the creative sharing you do! I can't wait to visit again!

Laura said...

Dah Craft Junkie, they have a lot of everything ;D its a great place but putting there things together when you get home does make wait quiet a while before going again ;D