One more down!

I used to detest skirts and dresses. I only wanted to wear jeans. While I still love jeans, and wear them several times a week, I've learned to embrace these girly-er options. I think that there are two reasons that I used to hate outfits that didn't involve pants:

1) I grew up in Minnesota. Minnesota is cold. Frigid. And you would have to be quite dense to wear a skirt or dress during the 9 months of winter.

2) I associated dresses and skirts with panty hose. Ew. I hate panty hose. I remember when I was young and couldn't wait to start wearing the tan "skin-colored" hose to church rather than white tights, because they were so much more mature looking. By 4th grade I had outgrown my love affair with hose. 

Anyway, now that I live in the south, I love skirts! They are even cooler than wearing shorts on a 100 degree day. Plus, a simple skirt and cute t-shirt are just as comfortable as anything else I could drag out of my closet.  

So, I am excited to be adding a few more skirt options to my wardrobe this summer. I have 3 more to go!


Hazel said...

OK that's adorable.

Christy said...

This is so cute!!!!

Krista said...

Oh my goodness . . . not only do I LOVE that fabric (I have it also . . . mom's going to make a little romper for Briley this summer out of it!) but I LOVE the skirt you made out of it!! A-line skirts are the best! Girl, you amaze me . . . you GO, you talented girl! =)

Stevette said...

Do you use a pattern or how do you sew your skirts. I LOVE this fabric you have chosen. Where did you get it?