I almost wear makeup

I don't wear a ton of makeup. I like it, I just don't wear it. I think its because I don't really know how. I am clueless to the eye area especially. (That's 4 sentences that start with "I," and 6 "I's" altogether, plus the word "eye"; sorry I am being so self-centered.)

Anyway, I wish that I understood the products a little better. Upon entering a store like Sephora I am half excited and half overwhelmed. Everything looks so appealing and fun, but then, what in the world is it all for?!

One thing that I do know, is that Clinique's Almost Makeup is the best product ever. Having never been a wearer of foundation (it seems too cake-y), I love Almost Makeup because it provides a very light coverage, while evening out my skin tone, plus it doubles as my daily sunscreen.

While I am not picky about most items (mascara, eye shadow, blush, etc; they can be any brand), I will not use any other product in place of my Almost Makeup.

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Lacy said...

Hi Kristen! I came across your blog today and I love you!!!! I am loving all of your cute Pb ideas, sewing and so many cute crafts. I can wait to learn more. Thanks for sharing.