My Girls' Rooms - Part 2

My girls' rooms are tiny, but we sure pack a lot in. 

This kitchen was by far, our best toy purchase. Each girl loves "cooking" and having tea parties; so, the kitchen is used on a daily basis. The best part is that all of the cooking supplies are tucked away inside, so its easy to clean up. 

My husband actually painted this toile scene on canvas (isn't he so crafty?). He photo-copied a piece of fabric and increased the size before printing it out. Then, with the print behind the canvas, he traced the scene.

This is another Wal-mart valance that I modified. It is difficult to see, but I added toile loops that hang on the pegs of the shelf above the window. The tea set is one that I had when I was younger. 

We hung this book shelf low, so that books are easy to access. The shelf is actually hung upside down because I thought the polka-dot bar would be perfect for holding back the books.

Once again, my husband built this day-bed. I wanted this style, so that we could slide a trundle bed underneath for future sleep-overs. 

I had seen a toy shelf like this in Pottery Barn Kids, and had to have it. So, Kevin built it according to our own specifications, and it actually fits in the room better than the original would have. Notice the sewing machine on the middle left side... I've got her started early.


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

How adorable! Such sweet rooms. And that kitchen is very cute! My girls would've loved that, back when they were younger. We had a kitchen for them but it wasn't nearly that cute!


Vanover Adventures said...

Precious...and who knew kevin would be so handy to have around :)! He does great work!

Tomorrow is our last day (well, for 2 weeks anyway)....See you then!

Tara said...

Hi, glad to have found your blog today! (from The Nester's comments this morning - I homeschool, too)

I LOVE the idea you had to make-your-own Pottery.Barn shelf! My daughter has the pink PB kitchen, too, (I just posted a pic of it last week after organizing my daughter's room, too!) I've always eyed that darling bookshelf at the PB store. Hmmm...might have to show this to my handy-man husband!

Hadley Coble said...

Wow! that is some cute stuff! I am showing the kitchen to my husband. He's wanting to build a cute kitchen like that for our girls!

Enjoyed my first tour around your blog!

Jenerbug said...

I saw the Doll house book shelf and thought to myself we must be kindred spirits...I saw the same one and 2 christmas's ago I had my husband make one out of an old bookshlef we had in the garage...I will post pics of it on my blog Jenerbug.blogspot.com, I also had him make a table with pull out drawers for my son, and again stole the idea form Pottery Barn kids...Really enjoyed your site, will keep it bookmarked....

Stephanie said...

Hi - I have been looking for a sewing machine for my daughter. Can you tell me where you purchased it? Thanks and I love your blog and your daughter's room.

Kristin said...

Stephanie, I got the sewing machine at Hobby Lobby. It is very finicky, though, so I am not sure I would actually recommend it!

Susy said...

Oh my goodness! Can your husband teach my husband all he knows!? That was never on my list of qualities to look for in a man...if I had only thought about that!!! LOL!