At least I got something out of that movie...

I channeled Scarlett O'hara (is it sacrilege to say that I hated that movie?) and cut up some perfectly good curtains to make this shabby chic apron for an apron swap that I joined.

I liked the curtains, but like them better as an apron. It will be difficult to part with, however, knowing I've got one coming to me gives me the incentive I need. 

I had a depressing sewing day today. I have wanted to make pajama pants for a while, and thought the rest of these curtains would make some really cute ones. Two tries (TWO CUT-OUT PATTERNS, TWO ROUNDS OF SEWING) later, and I am ready to sell my sewing machine. I should have gone with a real pattern rather than just cutting around pj pants I already own. 

I will update you later if I get up the courage to tackle them again... 

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Deirdre said...


I came here from Kim's Creative Blog -- I'm glad she featured you!

Pajama pants are pretty easy -- maybe you could use a pattern for the first pair? They really are super easy to sew, and once you have the pattern down you could make so many.

Just a thought!