Button Tree

You all know how much I love "decoupaging on fabric." So I thought I would make something to add to my oldest daughter's summer wardrobe.

I was inspired by this post on Today's Creative Blog that featured Luka Bella. Her button tree is absolutely adorable, and I had to copy it. When I came to the realization that I haven't scrapbooked in over a year, I decided that I had better re-interpret the tree into another craft if I ever wanted to accomplish it. 

All that I needed was scrap fabric, buttons, heat-n-bond, and a t-shirt. I am SOOO upset with myself for getting a white shirt! It feels too stark in contrast to the fabrics that I chose, and I think I would like the finished product a lot more if I had used a cotton-candy pink, canary yellow, or creamsicle orange (I love describing colors; in high school chemistry labs, my partner and I would always try to come up with the most vivid descriptors for the colors that the chemicals would change to. The boys at the table across from us thought we were weird). The point is, I think a brighter shirt would not induce a cringe whenever I look at it. 

Cut out a simple tree pattern, and duplicate it with your heat-n-bond. 

After ironing in place, zig-zag stitch all the way around.

Cut out the top of the tree, fuse the heat-n-bond to the backside. Before adhering it to the shirt, sew buttons on in whatever pattern pleases you. This will help to stabilize the buttons, because sewing too many directly onto the t-shirt would weigh it down too much.

After attaching your buttons, the back will look like this:

Iron down, and zig-zag. Then force yourself to put aside your "Type A" tendencies, and leave it alone (even if you want to rip it off, and put it on a turquoise shirt!) 


Autumn said...

Very cute idea!! YOU NEED TO OPEN AN ETSY SHOP!!!!!!!!!! Or I will do it for you:)

Hazel said...

That is adorable. I bet she loves it, especially since Mommy made it.

Jenny said...

Ok, since I don't have your email I had to copy this here!!! This tells you how to get started on etsy...DO IT SISTER!! (you can also find this article on ETSY's homepage at the bottom .....)
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Julie said...

I just finished several shirts based on your design. Check out my blog to see them. Thanks for the inspiration!

AmyDe said...

Reading the "back issues" as I just found you. You're right - the button tree would look AWESOME on a turquoise tee. Thanks for the inspiration!