More Covered Notebooks

Sitting through church with small children can be quite a challenge. To provide some quiet entertainment for my oldest, I made this little notebook when she started working on writing her alphabet last year. 

I purposely chose a small notepad, so that it would easily fit in my purse, and simply covered it with decorative paper. Also, I reserved this for church alone, thus making it more exciting for her when she did get to use it. 

She loved practicing her ABC's!

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Julie said...

So, I'm looking at this and wondering -- was it an orange notebook to begin with? Did you just cut your deco paper smaller and use the original cover as a "border"? Did you decoupage the whole thing at the end? I really like this look and it seems like a good solution to my little decorated notebook problem of not knowing how to deal with the parts of the cover that are in the spiral binding. I'm thinking you just embrace them! Love it. And I went and bought name badge holders yesterday. I'm looking forward to using them soon.