I Guess I'll Keep It

Look what a pair of messed up pajama pants can be made into! 

Don't my girls look like they should be frolicking in fields of wheat for a Ralph Lauren commercial in these outfits? I guess standing awkwardly in the backyard will have to do.

Even though I felt defeated after my two tries (TWO TRIES) at pajama pants, I didn't give up on sewing altogether. First, I worked on a dress for my 2 year-old. Once again, I didn't use a pattern (I hate those things); instead I based the design off of a dress that actually belongs to her big sister. I simply scaled it down. It was such a simple design, so it wasn't much work at all. I didn't even put a zipper in because it slides over her head easily. 

Earlier this week I came across this ruffled skirt tutorial, and with my newfound confidence, I couldn't resist trying it for big sis. The skirt was much easier to put together than I anticipated; plus it isn't a "pattern." I will definitely be making a few more. 

My girls love their new coordinating outfits, and I love that I was able to salvage those irksome pants.

P.S. I just said "irksome."


Hadley Coble said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who doesn't like patterns! I've only just begun to learn to sew, and they confuse me to no end!

Audrey said...

They are so cute--nice save! :)

chriskauf said...

Thanks for leaving a comment , I love your blog, you are so talented , love all the sewing.

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

well look at you! I think you did a great job!

Annie said...

I adore those outfits!