Idea Journal

Magazines and catalogs are a great source of inspiration for me. Whether it is a faucet, storage solution, or an entire home, I love seeing how other people do things. But you can only have so many magazines laying around at once. Eventually all of my dog-eared pages full of great ideas are no longer a usable resource, and I end up tossing them. 

I needed a convenient place to organize all of that great inspiration, and came up with my "Dream Home Journal."

I simply used a notebook with blank pages inside, decorated it with scrap booking paper and embellishments (I was so happy to find this door knob embellishment, since I am collecting home ideas) and added tabs for all of the categories. Now when I come across a great idea that I would like to implement in the future, I cut it out and place it in the right section.

While I use this for home inspiration, I would love to have more books filled with sewing and crafting ideas as well. Do you have any creative ideas for "idea storage?"


Krista said...

Oh my goodness . . . girl, where do you find the time?? Love it . . . especially the door knob embellishment! Cute, Cute!! =)

Kristin said...

Hey Krista! We are really looking forward to this weekend; the kids are CONSTANTLY asking when we will go.

I got the door knob forever ago at that big scrapbooking store in Frisco (I can't remember what its called). I thought I was with you when I got it, but I might have been with Autumn.

And as for how I find the time, its called being a night-owl. But then comes the morning, and I hate myself for staying up so late!

Hazel said...

OK I just want that book to place on my coffee table.

Our Prim Nest said...

Great idea. Love that. Whats the inside look like??