Slip-covering is a snap!

I found this vinyl cube ottoman on clearance at Target a few years ago. I knew it wouldn't go with my decor, but liked the shape. So, I picked it up and decided to find some fabric to cover it.

I ended up cutting up a quilt (gasp!) that I got from TJ Maxx. They always have a nice selection of throw quilts for less than $20. My mom used a quilt to make stockings for me and my three sisters this year for Christmas, and they turned out adorable!

I simply cut a square for the top and cut more squares for the sides. "Sew" simple!

We store it under a little desk my dad made me when I was a kid. It fits perfectly!

Kevin likes to pull it out to prop his feet up. It also comes in handy as an extra seat when company is over. Plus, since the cover slips off, whenever it gets dirty, I just throw it in the wash.

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Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Hey, that looks great! Good job on the ottoman makeover!

Happy Monday,