Ribbon Necklace

It's 5 days until Christmas...
Have you been ready since October or are you
frantically running around tying up loose ends?

I tend to get really organized and
productive about 3 months in advance.

Then I relax, thinking,
"I have so much time to get the rest
accomplished, I'll just take a break."
(Like the hare in the race against the tortoise!)

And because I feel so good about how much I've done,
I let the days slip away, until it's 2 weeks to Christmas
and I have a list a mile long filled with all of the
782 "little things" that I didn't think about 3 months ago!

In case I'm not alone in this organized/chaotic planning,
I thought I'd share a super easy,
yet perfectly pretty last-minute gift.

This ribbon necklace can be put
together in under 30 minutes!
(Sorry for the black/white shot. I had to take the photo at night and my
kitchen lights were turning the damask backdrop into a radioactive green!
Either way, the necklace is black!)

After picking up a roll of satin ribbon and a string of beads,
I followed this tutorial to make it as a gift for a friend.

If you are in need of a last minute gift for
a sister or friend I highly recommend this project!

Here are a couple other quick and easy necklaces to try:

Happy Gift-Making!

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Bellenza Wedding Bistro said...

So simple, and so pretty! Wish I had seen these before Christmas. But these would make lovely bridesmaids' gifts, too!