Peg Doll Townhouse

I have a serious weakness for dolls and dollhouses.
No matter the type, I love them.
So when I was perusing Michael's one day and came
across these little houses on clearance I could not resist.
(They were being marketed as CD storage.)
I knew they would be PERFECT town-homes for peg dolls!

The wooden houses were originally unfinished,
but a few coats of bright paint brought them to life.

The furniture was a huge score.
Would you ever guess the little bed, chair
and vanity all came from the dollar store?!
I had to work to contain my excitement
when I spotted them on a recent trip!

The furniture had a deep red stain that I loved,
but wasn't sure it would coordinate.
To help tie the colors together,
I chose a fabric for the bed that included pink, turquoise and red.

I cannot wait until Christmas morning so
I can give them to my sweet nieces!

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Mare said...

They are adorable!