Goldfish Birthday Party

My not-so-little girl's goldfish-themed
birthday party was this weekend,
and I'm happy to report that it was a hit!

I knew that swimming would be the highlight of the day,
so I tried to keep everything else relatively simple.

Snacking on a few treats, blowing out the candles,
and opening presents were done quickly
so we could get outside to the pool.

The kids loved the marshmallow lollipops.
I also made cones from scrapbooking
paper and placed them in a beach pail.
Each cone held goldfish crackers;
a great snack to refuel during swimming!

Of course, the centerpiece to each table was a couple
of real goldfish that my girls named Amy and Susie.
The kids loved watching them swim around!

The birthday cake was simple -
just cupcakes from a box mix with canned icing!
To make the birthday girl's cake a little more special,
I topped it with a Littlest Pet Shop goldfish toy.

Bubbles were an inexpensive party
favor that coordinated with the theme.
Each bottle was tied up in a cellophane bag and
adorned with a simple tag, thanking the guest for coming.

Once the indoor festivities were over
the highlight of the party was actually
jumping in the pool and swimming like fish!


Rhyah - said...

what a cute idea for a birthday party! Everything looks wonderful!

Jennifer said...

Such a cute idea! I've never heard of a goldfish party and after reading your post, I wonder why no one thought of it before! It's awesome!

Krista said...

Love it ALL! It looks like everything turned out great! I still can't believe Miss C is 5! =)

Susy said...

You are so creative-it's almost disgusting! J/K!! I love the TJ Maxx post and I love your adorable goldfish party!!! My Eli's party is in February and I am already plantificating...tea party or princess party?? Decisions!

Amy said...

Super cute party! Thanks for not sending home live goldfish as party favors! Yes, my son was given a goldfish as a party favor once. No warning to mama, just a fish in a baggie. To top it off, we were from out-of-town, so I had to haul in the baggie three hours home! (It did survive the trip!)

Amy Watson said...

What an adorable idea for a birthday party! You made it sounds so easy to pull off too! I love that the centerpiece of real gold fish is wearing goggles too!

Kristen said...

What a DARLING party! I love it!

Momma said...

That is crazy! I already knew I was doing a goldfish party for my kids' birthday next summer! Awesome!!! Great minds and all that. Gonna steal that bubble idea!!!