Bathroom Design Inspiration

Inspiration comes in the strangest places, doesn't it?

Most recently, my decorative side has
been energized by House of Smiths pantry.
Who would ever have guessed
that food storage could be so stylish?
The color, the quatrefoil motif, the glass storage, the wire baskets!

While I am very much inspired to spruce up my pantry,
I am even more motivated to get started on our master bath!

I have been indecisive about which direction to go for months,
and for some reason, as soon as I saw this pantry, something clicked!

Our bedroom is black and white with blue walls:

I think that grey walls in the bath will coordinate
nicely without being too "matchy-matchy".

My plan is to implement the quatrefoil design,
but only on the walls surrounding the tub.

I love the idea of creating useful but stylish
storage and this wall system from Pottery Barn is perfect.
However, the $129 price is not!
Luckily, I know that Ikea has something similar...

I've been wanting to bring in a
small, simple, pretty, modern, yet classic
(are those enough qualifiers for ya?!)
chandelier to hang above the tub.
This fixture from Lowe's is EXACTLY what I had in mind!

(It is hard to tell in the photo,
but the light has a milk-glass quality to it.)

These frosted glass pharmacy style containers from
Restoration Hardware would look fantastic next to our sinks.

And, of course, I'll be on the hunt for extra fluffy white bath linens.
Homegoods, here I come!

I'm excited that I know what direction I'm headed.
Now if I could just get the motivation to start painting...


Heather said...

I found some really nice towels at JC Penney. Between the sale and a 15% off coupon, they were less than $3 each.

I saw the pantry, too, and loved it. It's a new house project that will have to be a someday project, though!

OK Chick said...

Gray will look great with your bedroom. I like all the colors.

The the pantry look!

Krista said...

Love it!! I can't wait to see your master bath all finished! Btw, the organization of that pantry . . . aahhh, LOVE it! ;-)

Stephani said...

I just "found" your blog! You have really inspired me! Thanks