Live Blogging: Sewing Spring Dresses, Part 5


Well, this photo doesn't show it hemmed, but it is done now!
I want to save the final reveal for later so that I can take a better photo of it in natural light.

All in all, I definitely recommend this pattern.
The fit is great and even though it is a little roomy for her,
it will be perfect for this summer when she insists on dresses every day.

I look forward to making more and playing with different fabric combinations!


Terri said...

Adorable! Gorgeous! Unbelievably precious! And the dress is cute, too!

Jenny said...

Turned out really cute! I have this pattern but haven't used it yet. I did make the Miss Mary dress recently for my daughter, and I love how it came together.

JamieS said...

Very cute! How is the waist band done? Do you just sew it on top of the dress ad put elastic in?

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

I love this "live" so along. REally fun idea! Cute dress! Gorgeous daughter!

Heidi said...

Oh cute! She is such a precious little girl. She is beautiful! And I love the dress!