Canning Jar Craft Storage

Lately my husband and I have been working on organizing and furnishing
my craft room.
Hopefully within the next few weeks,
I will be able to show how I've set up the space.
It is coming along very nicely.

The idea of having a permanent dedicated area just for me and my hobby?
Wow - such decadence!

It is so exciting to imagine that I won't have to surrender our
dining table every time that I take on a new sewing project!

For now, I can show you one tiny project that I completed yesterday:
A canning jar transformation!

I've had this jar FOREVER, and love how thick the lid is.
Ready for a change from the old rusted metal top,
I decided to paint it a nice shiny pink.
(If I was a good craft blogger I would have taken a before picture,
but this was a spur-of-the-moment project)
Before painting, I also added a rose cabinet knob to the top.
(It was simple to screw through the lid; I pre-made a hole by pounding a nail into the top.)

Have you ever seen a cuter way to store twine?

I can't wait to show you the rest of my new crafty space!


Lorie said...

LOVE it!

Kristen said...

All I can say is- I AM JEALOUS! Great idea w/ the jar. Can't wait to duplicate!

Hazel Mayfield said...

I want that ....

gail said...

i have an old jar like that too, on the glass jar part it has some writing about coffee so i've utilized it as my special espresso coffee jar. never thot to paint the lid--cute idea! i think if i painted mine i'd paint it pewter or black.

Terri said...

Extreme cuteness! Love the idea for recycling old jars!!

Daniel Mayfield said...

LOVE IT! Oh gosh you have no idea what I'm gonna start doing with my jars.

Krista said...

Love it . . . great idea! Looking forward to this weekend! =)

Jessica Shaw said...

What a GREAT idea. I love re-purposing things and I love jars!!! (Check my blog out hehe). I LOVE your blog and I even have it in my list of favorite blogs on my own blog. You're such an inspiration!

Laurel said...

sooo clever!

Mini said...

I'm redoing my craft space in our 2nd bedroom/office and am trying to find some great ideas... So far, I have a new easy chair (knitting) and a multipurpose table (quilting & sewing)... Ours is tricky b/c we rent this apartment, so everything needs to be standalone. :)

Susy said...

Did you use acrylic paint?? Thanks!