It has been a while since I made a skirt for my two girlies, but after seeing Vintage Fern's scrappy skirt, I was inspired again. Dresses and skirts are always a hit at our house; and since I have an abundance of leftover fabric in my stash, I plan to make a couple and give them to the girls for Christmas along with some bright tights. It will be fun to see how each skirt turns out - you never know until its finished when it comes to patchwork!

I hope you all have a fun weekend. We began our festivities last night with trick-or-treating at Oklahoma Christian University's girls' dorms. It was fun reminiscing (I lived in those dorms 10 years ago!) and running into old friends. The girls, of course, had a blast, and each left with full bags of candy (...that I am now tempted to eat!). Tonight its a dress-up party with our church college group and tomorrow, more trick or treating. 

I will try to carve out some time so that I can return on Monday with a couple of completed skirts!

Happy Halloween!


Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness! I've always especially loved your blog since I grew up in OK and reading your blog made me feel closer to home but OCU?!?!? My mom used to be the dorm mother there in the summer when I was a little girl! The girls would let me come up to their rooms and I thought they were so cool.... My friends went to OCU, you know we probably know people in common! Your post just took me down memory lane! So fun. Happy Halloween!

Mommy Managing said...

Every bag of candy in our house comes with a "Mommy & Daddy Tax". 10% sounds fair to me! :D

poppyart said...

the skirt by Vintage Fern is gorgeous... i'm sure yours will be too.

Kim's Treasures said...

The skirts are going to be sooo cute!

My girlfriend has one daughter who graduated from OK Christian and another still attending. My son goes to the Univ of OK. Small world!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Love the scraps - can't wait to see your skirts.

star.originals.upcycling said...

That is some great fabric!