Ruffled Dress

We recently found out that my sister is expecting a baby girl. And do you know what that means?! Clothes! Lots and lots of adorable, impossible-to-resist, miniature clothes! 

The day that I found out the ultra-sound results I got to work on this next project:

I started with a sweet jersey cotton dress and 
diaper cover that I picked up at Wal-mart.
(Click on pictures for better detail)

Using a coordinating jersey, I cut strips to create the ruffles.

I decided to add the ruffle detail along the front neckline.
Once again, I didn't pre-ruffle; I just gathered as I went.

This added a sweet accent to the dress-front.

I couldn't resist adding a few rows of 
ruffles onto the backside of the diaper cover!
So precious!

This project is proof that simple embellishments 
can really help to create a unique garment.


Megan said...

OMG! Amazing!!!! I wasn't fond of this dress until now Im gonna have to do this! thanks so much its way to cute.

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

so cute! so simple!

John_n_Tascha_Piatt said...

OH - that is CUTE!!!

Meaghan said...

This is adorable. Will the jersey strips unravel or fray? Where do you get your jersey?

Kristi said...

You are so smart!!! That is absolutely adorable :). May I "pick your brain" for a minute? I am working on a "Buttons and Bows" party for our sweet little baby who is about to turn 1. Do you have any great ideas? For a craft, I was going to have the older kids decorate picture frames with buttons...I was going to put a picture of her on the invitation and embellish with some cute buttons. Any other ideas? I am always so inspired by you!!

Lauren said...

What fantastic added detail!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful! What a cute and easy detail that makes all the difference!

Heidi said...

Thats for me!! Yay I love it! Oh my goodness what a cute idea! I cant wait until I can see it on her. That was very sweet! Thank you:)