Embellishment Week - Flower Pins

{Each day this week, I am taking a basic clothing item and using VERY SIMPLE techniques, creating something a little more special; by adding little details to a t-shirt or a jacket, they are transformed into much more original pieces}

I am cheating. For my final installment of embellishment week, I am reposting a project from last summer. The worst part is that I had a brand new, totally original post planned, but alas, an avocado has spoiled my plans


I'm sorry, have I confused you? I suppose that I failed to mention that last Sunday night (Embellishment Week Eve), I stabbed my own palm while trying to cut an avocado (yes, I KNOW to cut away from myself...). The injury is minor, but while my hand heals, I have been left "single-handed" for all of these projects - and this next one seemed a little too involved, thus my re-posting. Darn those avocados - they always spoil my grand plans! 

But, in the meantime, this next project is full of options for embellishing any and everything your heart desires...

Flower Pins!

To begin, I cut 3 coordinating fabrics into small flowers (15-20 cutouts per flower).
I wanted them to be really full. The sheer fabric was my favorite element.

Then, I layered the petals randomly.

I speared the flowers with my scissors, creating a hole for a brad to be inserted
(Obviously, I enjoy inventing new ways to cut myself).

The brad creates a center for the flower, while joining each layer together
(You can find endless varieties of brads in scrapbooking stores).

I love brads.

My flower was looking a little too perfect at this point, 
so I put it into a sachet and tossed it into the washer and dryer. 
My hope was that it would come out wrinkled and frayed.

Next, I cut a small circle from felt, and attached a pin. 
You should thank me for this shot; I took it with my lips. 
Yes, I pressed the button to take the picture with my lips. I amaze myself.

Guess what? The washing and drying had the desired effect, 
so I was able to proceed by gluing the felt to the back of the flower.

Flower pins are a great way to accessorize any number of items:

Look how much it adds to this seersucker bag!

Another one takes this simple tank beyond ordinary.

This shabby chic version further dresses up a storage bin.

I must warn you, as my friend Jenny can attest, these pins can become addicting - soon you will want dozens of them to adorn every outfit.

Luckily, they are also quick and easy - so you can adorn to your heart's content!


Songbirdtiff said...

So pretty! Thanks for all the beautiful ideas this week.

kelly l said...

i love all your ideas. my mom almost cut her finger off trying to get the pit out of an avocado, so i guess you're lucky.

Gillian Lee said...

Thank you so much for this great week of fun stuff. I am fairly craft challenged but your tutorials have inspired me to give it a try. First up is the roses to embellish my daughter's t-shirts.

Laura said...

Love this. Thanks!

Jenny said...

Thanks for the PLUG!!!! Am I an addict???? OK, I guess I am! One will be on my Easter outfit for sure! Have a fabulous Easter!

arkie said...

Cute Blog! Hope your hand heals fast. Love your projects!

Phoebe said...

These are fabulous!! I'll be grabbing some scraps and trying these out ASAP!! :) Thank you for all the fabulous tips and ideas this week! And yikes!! Hope your hand feels better! Stupid avocado! :) Have a great day!

Angi said...

Thanks for all the great ideas this week.

Diana said...

Oh happy day! I have been looking for a cute tutorial for flower pins for a while now. I love the sheer fabric sandwiched in, too. How did I not see this post before... Thank you for all of your lovely ideas!

Missy said...

Another great one! Thanks for sharing!!!!

Quoizel said...

Those are darling! Thanks for the ideas.

Stephanie @ Everything That Is Nice said...

I will NEVER EVER be able to throw away a scrap piece of fabric again after Embellishment Week! Thanks for all the good ideas...easy peasy!

Elizabeth @ things with feathers said...

I like how you embellished the storage tote, too. You're going to have me in all my closets, adding buttons and flowers all over the place. My husband won't know what hit him. :o)

Katherine said...

This is awesome too! It's so easy to learn with the step by step. Very cool. Thanks!

hahaha on the picture taking with the lip...they probably have some sort of guinness book thing for that?

~~Deby said...

uh-oh....I am in trouble..think this is the first time at your WONDERFUL blog...and I want to sit and browse and browse...as I love all things crafty...so I will get up and do some housework that is calling my name and then be back here and there as a REWARD...
LOVELY ideas...will put you as a favorite.

Terri said...

Those sneaky avocados... lying in wait until you turn your back, and then WHAM - they've taken a whack at you with a knife! They are evil and they must be stopped. I'm thinking it's time for some guacamole!

Sunny Tuesday said...

I love it! I recently inhereted my Grandma's fabric collection and was having a difficult time deciding what to do with the sheer stuff. You have answered a prayer! You always have the best ideas!

Alison said...

What a fabulous idea!! I featured this tutorial on my blog today, highlighting 3 dozen flower tutorials. Here is the link:


Thanks for the inspiration!!

Ashley said...

Hi I am new to your blog and I LOVE all of your stuff!! I was just wondering how you make your petals. Do you just cut or do you use a pattern of some sort? My mother-in-law LOVES pins and I would LOVE to make her some!! So if you dont mind answering I would really really really appreciate it!!