Embellishment Week -Appliqued Outfit

{Each day this week, I am taking a basic clothing item and using VERY SIMPLE techniques, creating something a little more special; by adding little details to a t-shirt or a jacket, they are transformed into much more original pieces!}

A few weeks ago while perusing Etsy, I came across these little owl appliques. They reminded me of Oilily - and I had to have them (they came from Crazy Couture Boutique if anyone is interested)! From this impulse buy grew today's embellishment project:

An Appliqued Outfit

I know that this concept isn't new to anyone (check here and here for previous posts), 
but it is a great reminder of how simple it is to create unique apparel from everyday clothing.

To begin, I pulled out all of my favorite fabric scraps and trimmings. Double fold bias tape worked great around the jean cuff; for extra frilliness, I layered a ruffled ribbon on top of that. The tree on the shirt was quickly cut and out and attached using a zig-zag stitch. Typically, I would use Heat-n-Bond, but I couldn't locate any of mine (its buried under craft supply mountain), so I worked without it. Within 30 minutes, the outfit was completed.
My daughter squealed with delight when I showed it to her - just the reaction I was hoping for!

Come back tomorrow for the final idea for Embellishment Week!


Songbirdtiff said...

So cute! I'm just loving these embellishments.

Autumn said...

Oh how cute!!! I will definitely be buying some of these owls:) Love the jeans!

Angela Williams Duea said...

How creative! Will there be more embellishment weeks? I never even thought about the ideas I'm seeing here. Once I get my sewing maching going again, I've gotta try these ideas!

Dana Brown, Simply Sweets said...

those are just too cute!

SoBella Creations said...

I love those appliques.

The Cookie Mama said...

Fabulously darling...love me some owls!! I need to work on some owl cookies :)

Roz - crazy*couture said...

CUTEEEEEEE! I Love to see what Super Creative Talented ladies do with my embellishments, especially the Owls!
Thats awesome! Thanks for the Shout out!
Roz :)

Ashlee said...

Precious!!! I love the rolled up jeans look, especially with the embellishment.