Reader Craft Room Dilemma - Can you help?

Hey guys! I wanted to alert you to an awesome new exercise! You won't even realize you are working out until the next day

It's called... Quiltersizing!
Be sure to work on a hard wooden floor rather than at a table top (hunched over is the best position). To get the full benefits of this exercise, cut with a dull rotary cutter so that you really have to PUSH to slice through the fabric. Finally, bend and squat, bend and squat - with each random piece that you cut out - bring them over to each square (also on the ground) that you are working on, and test out sizes and patterns, over and over again

I promise, by the next day, you will think that you had spent some serious time at the gym (which, I know, is pathetic! I promise I will get back on that elliptical machine... next week, but at least I got all 24 done!). 

Now let's move on to a reader dilemma:

Leslie contacted me a few weeks ago saying that she needed some inspiration for decorating her new scrapbooking/sewing/gift wrapping/crafting/office/guest bedroom

She is planning on using a "lime/sage-ish"
green for the walls and wants to incorporate black and white as accent colors.

My first thought for high impact wall decor with low impact on her budget would be to frame scrapbooking paper (using varying colors and patterns that match her color scheme) in a grouping of coordinating frames, like this: 

Next, I would address the bedding. Because she would like to paint the walls green, I would keep the bed simple. This bedding from Target would be a great addition. 
This shelf system from Ikea would be a great place to hold all of her crafty supplies. The slots could be filled with decorative boxes and baskets that would work as organizers for each type of craft. If modern lines are not her taste, it is easy to add white crown molding around the top, which can really transform the overall look into something more traditional. Also this is just inspiration; any sort of shelving unit could be used. 
Now that I have added my very unprofessional opinion, we need your help. I told Leslie that my readers always have the greatest ideas - so send them in! Tell us what you have done to make your multi-use spaces more functional and beautiful!


Boo and Hooties Mom said...

I love all your idea's!!!!

AmyDe said...

Closed storage is always a good idea at my house - for instance that Ikea shelf you mentioned (All GREAT ideas btw) has pretty baskets that are available and fit right into those cubes - that way you can store things away neatly (looking anyway) without much effort or needing another closet. If you are going with such bold colors as black, white & lime (FAB!) be sure to incorporate some warm natural elements as well (baskets, flowers, something real and earthy) to keep it from feeling cold or "dormy" I'm going to use that scrapbook paper idea in my bedroom - thanks!

Screaming Meme said...

Great ideas! Come on over to my blog...I'm having a faux class starting! It's fun!

Anonymous said...

The cube storage from Ikea is perfect for craft rooms! I use it in mine with baskets which hide some of the chaos. The shelves come in different sizes, buy the biggest on that your room can hold - you will fill it up.


Janelle said...

The black and white accents will definitely be a good idea (especially with bedding). That way, if she doesn't like the green, she can change it and leave all the other decor mostly the same. Also, since it is a multi-purpose room, she's more likely to find a lot of variety in those basic accents.

Quiltersizing made me laugh. My mom uses a garbage pincher thing to move her quilt squares around when they're on the floor so that she doesn't have to bend over so much. I think in her new sewing room, though, she has a giant flannel sheet hung on a wall so that her squares will cling to it.

Kristy said...

I have an Expedit bookcase, in dark brown/black, and I love it! I'm not a big fan of super-modern lines, either, but the bookcase still works for me. I'd vote for a black one, rather than white.

I agree that baskets are a great way to go - they can be natural-colored, but they could also be painted in black, white, or lime green.

And, I've seen people take this very modern-looking box, and cover the front with scrapbook or other decorative paper.

Allie said...

I can relate to the quiltersizing! Too funny!
Just found your blog, and have enjoyed it :) Great room tips - I have a very-multipurpose room like that too, in progress.
Take care,

Amber Davis said...

I love your site and have just recently found it. How did you do the scrapbook pages behind the wall, I'm sure it's simple but I'm inept when it comes to being crafty!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Such great ideas!

Quiltersizing? Too funny. Reminds me of my revelation that walking up and down stairs all day in high heeled red shoes at my daughter's wedding was equivalent to a real workout. My thighs were killing me for three days after the event! Whatever works!

Happy day,

kris said...

isn't that wall art gorgeous!? I have seen one done on canvas with Basic Grey paper and it's fabulous! If you wanna see, email me, visit my blog!
Love your stuff, I'm gonna be hanging here alot!