Toothy Tutorial

There has been lots of talk of the tooth fairy around here lately. Lots. Everything from what she wears, how big she is, how she gets in our house, where she gets her money from, if she's friends with Tinker Bell, etc. I don't remember analyzing every character as much as my kids do today. I can remember the excitement and anticipation, but not to the degree that my kids take it. 

I blame it on Disney. That darned Disney. What with their princesses and fairies, constantly appearing on every product we buy. 

And with all of this analyzing comes all these questions that I don't like giving answers to:

5 year old:  "Mom, is Santa God?"
Me:  "No."
5 year old:  "But he knows when we are sleeping or awake or bad or good... and you said God knows everything. How could Santa know that?"
Me:  "Um..."

So, in an effort to encourage our daughter to have a firm grasp of reality, I helped her make a special envelope to put her very wiggly tooth in for the tooth fairy.

All that we needed for the project was 2 coordinating fabrics, narrow elastic, and 1 button.

I marked an arrow shape (about 3"x7" long) on each fabric, and let her cut it out (with my VERY sharp scissors). Don't worry, while I only ended up being stabbed 17 times throughout the process, she survived unscathed. 

Then, laying the fabric right sides together, we formed a loop with about 1.5" of elastic, and inserted it at the point of the arrow. 

We sewed all the way around, except for a small opening.

Then, turned it inside out.

I think this looks pretty great for a 5 year old's first sewing project! At this point, I hand sewed the small opening shut. 

Next, she decided that the soft side should be on the inside, so we folded the velour in, to create an envelope and sewed the sides. 

After I attached the button, we were finished.

Now we are ready and waiting for that visit from the tooth fairy and my daughter has informed us that she doesn't want "money," she wants "cash." 


Dixie said...

How cute is that bag!! I want to make one with my 6 year old daughter who has lost 2 teeth within the last 3 weeks. We've been folding her little teeth up in a kleenex so it doesn't get lost, but I love the little bag idea.

Aimee Terry said...

so cute! i have three girls and managed to escape the disney princess stage with all! don't know how, but we did.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What s sweet project for you to make together! I love how the velour makes a nice edging around the pouch - very effective!

Autumn said...

So cute! And I would rather have cash too;)

julie said...

I love your idea! So sweet to do together! Good luck with the questions I know I will be in the same boat eventually! Let us know what you tell her! Julie

Krista said...

I LOVE it!! And she lost (or is about to lose) her very first tooth!! Please tell Georgia 'GREAT JOB' on the cutting, sewing, etc . . . quite the little seamstress she is!! =)

DM said...

All of those questions. Just tell them that the tooth fairy is watching most of the time, but not all of the time. The tooth fairy has to get her rest after bringing the cash. Love you.

Andrea R said...

My kids figured that Santa was Jesus' cousin. :) It was the only thing that made it all make sense.

Shelly G & Hope P said...

Soooooooo sweet...

Anonymous said...

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