Shiny Shiny

Happy Mother's Day to me! I am very happy with my new present. These crackberries are quite addicting, but I was ready to be through with my old one, so I could move onto this new and improved version. 

The case that it comes in was not new and improved, however. I like using the case in my purse, because it senses when I slide it in, and automatically locks (Isn't it so embarrassing when you find out you have called someone accidently, and they get to listen in on what you are doing at that moment?)

I wanted to make a snug cover for the case, and was happy when I remembered my oilcloth. I just traced the original case, and sewed a little glove to go over it. Now that I have such a bright case, hopefully I won't have to dig around forever in my purse to find it!


Craft Junkie said...

LOL @ your "Crackberries" comment. And tell me, what is oilcloth? Am I in the dark ages? I love what you did with your case but I must know more about this "oilcloth" stuff.

Also, I am so in envy...I want a Blackberry, uber bad!

Wait...hubby's at work...he's due for an upgrade but doesn't want one...*semi-evil thoughts running through head*...BRB, need to open an AT&T window for a sec. *GRIN* (BTW, I'm telling him it's all your fault when he notices my new Blackberry, okay? lol)

Holly said...

Holy Cow! I must make clothes for my own Pearl... Super Cute!