How-to make a skirt from a pillow case

I must admit that the idea to make a skirt from a pillow-case is not my own. I was blog-browsing a few weeks ago and saw a lady that made a couple of skirts for herself out of vintage pillowcases. I loved the idea and immediately ran to my linen closet and grabbed this old ruffled edge pillow case, cut off the top and tried it on. 

Then I remembered that I have these things called "hips." 

Cute idea, but not for me. So, I threw the cut pillowcase into my scrap fabric pile, until I realized that my 5-year-old could surely fit into a skirt made from it. Also, she LOVES skirts and dresses right now, and this would make a perfect play skirt, since I won't care if it gets dirty (it was free!).

Lining up the ruffled edge of the pillowcase with a skirt that already fits her, I cut the top of the pillowcase off, leaving a little over an inch as my waist-line. 

The ruffle on this pillowcase makes it such an easy project, because the hemline is already finished and decorative. 

On the cut edge, I folded down twice and ironed.

Then, I sewed all the way around the waist, leaving a small opening for the elastic to be inserted. (Notice that I was too lazy to switch the thread from my last project, but I figured that when it was worn, her shirt would cover this line.)

After cutting a piece of elastic that was the same size as my daughter's waist, I attached safety pins to either end of it. This helps it to slide through easily.

Once pulled through, I stitched the elastic ends together. 

And closed the opening at the waist. 

She loves her new prairie skirt, and I love that the whole project, start to finish, took 15 minutes!


Krista said...

Cute! Cute! =)

MommaYoung said...

I am working on school clothes now for my 1 st grader. This is perfect. thanks for sharing.