My Girls' Rooms - Part 1

This is my youngest daughters' "garden" bedroom. Paint can transform a room, but the picket fence sure was a lot of work.

The teddy bear has been loved on by both of our girls, but most of its wear came from Kevin. It was his when he was a little boy.  

The buckets came from the dollar section at Target, and I added the letters and flowers(it is hard to see right now, but it says, "grow").

My very talented wood-working husband built this for toy storage, based on a picture I saw in a magazine. I love the contrasting pink bead-board.

I appliqued flowers and strawberries, then added an eyelet lace trim onto a Wal-mart valance. Every time I look at it, though, I cringe a little bit inside, because I don't think the strawberry looks quite right. It always reminds me more of a pepper. Oh well, peppers grow in gardens, too. 

This is another example of Kevin's handiwork. Once again, I showed him a doll cradle that I liked in PB Kids, and he did it! Our daughter calls it a "tadle."

If I can get our oldest's room in proper picture-taking order, I will show you her room tomorrow. 


Anonymous said...

Aren't handy husbands awesome! That cradle is so adorable.

Org Junkie said...

Oh my goodness, your daughter's room is adorable! Love the picket fence, so cute and great storage you've created as well!

Do it yourselfer... said...

OMG! Your husband is so talented! Maybe I should give him my 'honey-do' list! His work is so impressive!

Anonymous said...

Can I borrow your DH? He is good! There room turned out so cute.. It makes me want to go redecorate.

I am going to add your blog to my list http://fireflyphotojewelry.blogspot.com

Alissa said...

This is the CUTEST room I've ever seen~! I am so impressed!!!