A good headband can cover a multitude of bad hair days...

Don't you hate waking up to this?

In these type of emergency situations, I always head to my top dresser drawer, and pull out a miracle working headband. 

I used to think that I wasn't a headband girl, that only certain people could pull it off. But, one day I gave it a try, and now I can be seen sporting a headband several days a week. Considering the alternative, I feel like I am performing a public service.

I do have a few rules for myself though. For instance, I choose a wide headband for minimal accessories days. But times that I am wearing large earrings or a statement necklace I go with a narrower, more subtle headband. Also, when I first bought headbands I would only buy solid colors because they went with more. But then when I found a great deal at J Crew on a bright patterned one, and found that it brought me a lot more compliments (and I'll do anything for a compliment), also, since it has a lot of colors, it goes with practically anything solid-colored.

Speaking of J Crew headbands. I love them. They don't make me feel like I have my head in a vice, and they have the best patterns. I love them. And I would do anything for love, except spend $25.00 on a headband. I just can't. No matter how much this one calls out to me!

However, there are these things called sales, and clearances, and additional % off clearances. Which is how I have acquired most of my headbands (and I have never paid more than 6 bucks!). But, the best place is a J Crew outlet. They have giant selections for a great price.  

Anyway, all the cool kids are wearing them, or at least that's what The Budget Fashionista says. Even Style Bakery says they "are all the rage." So, go forth, and accessorize your head with a pretty band. 


Hazel said...

The transformation is amazing. Maybe I too get rid of morning hair with the right head band.

Autumn said...

LOL! Thank you for never showing us your true self when we come visit:) And I agree, a cute headband turns a blah outfit into something that actually looks "put-together".