Banamana Bread

I had never been a fan of banana bread, or as my daughter called it "banamana" bread (and even though she now pronounces the word correctly, I still cling to the toddler version. It's just too cute. I've never been one of those parents that makes my kids say everything the right way. I figure if she is still saying "macken-woney" for macaroni, "chicken way" for Chick-Fil-A, and "finner-tails" for finger nails when she's heading to high school, I have a problem, but my 2-year-old, nope, I actually encourage mispronunciation so that I can make them say it over and over again). 

Ok, where was I? Oh yes. Never loved banamana bread. That is until my sister-in-law, Kimberly, made some of THE MOST DELICIOUS BANANA BREAD EVER. 

It was so moist and had the best sugary top. Yummy. So, now I make banana bread all the time. The recipe is quick and easy, and I always have ripe bananas on hand, because we always forget to eat them. I usually make some to eat right away, and then freeze a couple of loaves to save for a quick treat later. 

First, I mash the bananas. Then, I ask my husband to stop taking pictures, so he can mash them for me. I am the weaker vessel after all. One tip that Kim gave me was to use slightly firmer bananas; she said that when she used bananas that were really soft, the bread wasn't as good.

Then I set aside my excellently mashed bananas, and mix my butter, sugar, and eggs.

Thanks again, Jason and Jenifer; this has been one of the best gifts ever!

Add the flour, baking soda, and salt.

Once mixed, add the bananas.

I doubled my recipe because I am going to give a few loaves away to some very gracious friends who helped my husband with a major leak in our front yard ("anyone who digs deserves banana bread" has always been my philosophy), so I had 8 mini loaves in my batch. A normal size batch would give you 2 larger loaves or 4 mini, but I recommend using mini, because it bakes more evenly and puffs up more.

Sprinkle liberally with cinnamon and sugar. 

I baked mine at 350 degrees for 27 minutes.

Mmmm. Banamana bread...


Emily said...

I love me some banana bread. I use my grandma's recipe but I started adding chocolate chips to it because, well, I like chocolate.

I also love little mixed up toddler sayings. I was very sad when Cason started saying uh-oh instead of uh-doh.

Anonymous said...

I do love this recipe! It makes me want to go make some after reading your post:) See you next weekend! Kim

Krista said...

Yes, one of my favorite recipes!! I think I'll go make some! =)

Meagan said...

more recipes....PLEASE! i "stumbled" across your blog and haven't "stumbled" anywhere since because I'm hooked. Love all of your ideas!! Just recently started doing more baking and cooking. Let me know of any other "favorites" you might have.

Amy Jo said...

Yummy!!! My kids and I send our thanks for posting this delicious banana bread recipe. We just baked and feasted upon some for lunch. Sweet blessings, Amy in OR