Floral Embellished T-Shirt

Today marks the 100th school day for my 2nd grader.
The class has a fun celebration planned, 
and her teacher asked that each child wear a t-shirt decorated with 100 things.

I, of course, procrastinated until last night to work on it...

I knew that no matter what I put together 
- it would be time consuming - 
so it might as well be something cute that she could wear again.

I started with this cute shirt from Old Navy 
(except ours had navy stripes with blue flowers.)
I figured it already had 2 flowers - 
why not add 98 more?!

Using fabric from my stash, I cut the additional 98 flowers.
(It took a while...)

Then, using Wonder Under I ironed them to the shirt.
Not wanting anything too uniform, I randomly applied here and there.
(This is the back of the shirt.)

To make sure it would hold up well in the wash,
I quickly sewed the edges of the flowers - nothing too perfect.
I look forward to seeing how the edges fray; I love that look!

My daughter was thrilled with the results and couldn't wait to go to school!
(Click to enlarge.)


Melissa said...

Oh my goodness! Is it sad I want to make something like this for myself?

Your daughter will be too cool for school in that! She will have the best shirt for sure and and also everyone gets to see what an awesome mom she has:)

The Schlipf Family said...

How adorable! I'm a kindergarten teacher and see tons of ideas. But this one is soooo cute and original.

Susy said...

your creativity never ceases to amaze me!!! I would have flipped if I had been your girlie's teacher--or asked her to 'turn in' her assignment first thing Monday morning...in my size! :)

everyday muses said...

That was truly a labor of love...cutting out and ironing on 100 flowers! Well, the final result is stunning and your daughter was happy so it was worth it right? :)