Fathers Day Gift Idea - Soda Pop!

My girls and I assembled this easy and fun gift for my husband's birthday,
but I thought I would share it here as a Father's Day gift idea.

Nothing is better than pop from a bottle,
and my husband loves sampling all sorts of flavors.
Luckily we aren't too far from a fun
soda shop/diner along old Route 66 called "Pops."

We had fun choosing a variety of flavors from their huge selection
(we picked 5 different kinds of pineapple because that's his favorite)
and filled it in a wooden crate.
The crate was nice on its own,
but I used scrapbooking materials to dress it up as a gift.

"Dr. Cane Cola", "Deliciously Vintage Cherry Cola," "Waialua Pineapple Soda,"
and "Dang That's Good Root Beer" are a sampling of the flavors we chose.

Even if you don't have access to a soda shop, you can easily assemble a similar gift for the dads in your life. Usually grocery stores sell a small selection of glass bottle pop, but I've noticed that Target has a bigger selection than most. Even a case of IBC root beer in a dressed up case would be fun (check out Skip to My Lou's great idea of how to embellish the drink holder).

This post has me thinking about all the names for pop. Growing up in Minnesota, everyone called it "pop" (I still do, obviously), but I had a few friends who called it "soda" and others (usually from Texas) who referred to every carbonated beverage as a "coke".

What do you call it?


RLR said...

If I'm at a fast-food restaurant that has a 'serve yourself' design, I usually just say, "fountain drink" if I'm not having a sweet tea. Otherwise, I use the specific brand name. Probably sounds awfully formal - but I also call forks, spoons, and knives "flatware."

Kelly O. said...

In canada it is pop.

Bobbi Kenow said...

I am so glad that you have stuck to your guns with calling it pop! I got made fun of constantly when living in California...but to me, it will ALWAYS be called POP! :)

What a cute idea :) I may have to do that!!

Autumn Leah said...

Ok I grew up with you and I call it coke;) Love the idea!!

JStacie said...

I'm a Carolina girl- It's all coke. I.e- What kind of coke do you want- Sprite or Dr. Pepper?

Katie said...

I lived on the east coast until I was 9 and we called it soda there, when I moved to Iowa someone asked me if I wanted a pop and I had no idea what she was talking about. I've adapted to calling it pop to avoid being laughed at, but then when my family visits they still poke fun. You just can't win.

Holly said...

It is all coke all the time...even if it is Pepsi.

Cute idea and I am totally stealing it. Thanks!!!

Lvly Rita said...

Just to cover all our bases we call it "Soda Pop"

Adams Family said...

Cute idea! Texas girl here - it is all called "coke"!

Kristen said...

From So Cal - we always call it soda pop. Not one without the other! What a great idea!

~Kimberly said...

I'm an Iowa girl grown and raised, and we call it "Pop". My husband is military and wherever we go, we get teased be our friends when we call it "pop". Our friend from Texas calls it "Soda Water". Love the idea, may have to use some version of it for Father's Day! Thanks!

Michie said...

Growing up in MA, I've always called it soda. My dad's family is from NY, and they call it pop. My mom's parents have always called it "tonic." So I've heard all three used. My best friend moved around a lot as a kid, and she said she always just said "coke" because everyone knew what she was talking about. So I guess I've heard it all - although it'll always be soda to me.

DM said...

Ah, how neat! You can call me 'pop' too.

Ginny said...

It is pop here in Michigan as well.

A happy heart at home said...

I was born and raised in New Hampshire. It was always called tonic in our house. I'm 55 and no longer living in New Hampshire, but I still call it tonic! :)