Wrapping Paper and Ribbon; Not just for gifts anymore!

Upon deciding that my closet needed a little "dressing up,"
I began the hunt for the perfect wrapping paper.

Yep, wrapping paper!

Thrilled to come across this pattern at Hallmark,
I picked up a roll for $3.99 and got to work.

My goal was to create a boutique feel in my little space.
Throughout my home, I have tried to stick to neutrals
and worked to create a modern (yet traditional) beachy feel
(if that makes any sense!).

However, my closet is a place where I can be totally girly.
Bring on the pink roses!

Using thumb tacks, I lined the back wall of my built-in shelving.
A roll of butterfly ribbon from Michael's finished off the look;
I simply attached it to the shelf fronts with my staple gun.

(Click on pictures to enlarge.)

Using items from around the house, I created an
accessories display area.

Earrings fit perfectly in the little egg crate
that I picked up last year at Anthro.
Random jewelry is elevated on a miniature cake stand
(I think I found the clear votive holders at the dollar store.)

For pretty yet practical headband storage,
I used a glass serving bowl.
Belts and miscellaneous accessories also fit inside.

For jewelry display, my husband installed a new
(i.e. larger) version of my necklace organizer.
He even cut out around the light switch plate,
maximizing every square inch of wall space.

I love that I can actually see every piece now!

I have to say, my new "boutique inspired"
closet definitely keeps me more organized.

Who would want to make a mess in such a cute little spot?

(Let's just see how it looks on Sunday morning.
For some reason, that is the day I feel
the need to change outfits 700 times.
Needless to say, lots of clothes end up on the floor.)


Kelly O. said...

totally swooning over this closet!!

Gwen said...

So boutique.

Autumn Leah said...

Ok you make me sick. You are the perect sister on the Target ads and I am the sloppy lazy one, it's official!

Jessica said...

Looks great! What a good idea!

Heidi said...

YEAH I side with Autumn. You completely beat me. I am not sure what at but you beat me. WOW I couldnt stop staring. So cute!

Heidi said...

BTW when I am back in the states, I am going to steal you and you are going to come and help me decorate my house. Whatever I can do, you can do better. Love you,

Holly said...

I am SO doing this in my daughter's room makeover!!! Love it!

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh wow - that is all so neat and organised. I'd hate you to see my closet