Buried: Tutorials from the Past

This little blip on the world wide web otherwise known as GraceViolet.com has been around for two whole years (I failed to celebrate my bloggiversary last month - lazy blogger that I am). Over the course of time, I have assembled a number of tutorials. Unfortunately, they often get forgotten, buried deeper below new posts.

Of course, this could easily be remedied if I would actually do
something with that "tutorials" tab up there at the top of the page...

Ha! Like that'll ever happen! Remember? I'm a lazy blogger.

Until then, for the next couple of days I will be highlighting a few oldies but goodies.


June 2008

July 2008

July 2008

July 2008

January 2009

March 2009

Check back tomorrow for another round-up of tutorials from the past!


sweet european dreams said...

I love your tutorials! My sister-in-law and I are always trying your ideas. One of my favorites is the mod-podge notebook - I have them all over the house now, and my sister-in-law makes the crayon caddies for gifts. Keep posting - we're following!

Kim said...

The peg dolls are SO cute! I'm going to have to try to make those.

Tara said...

I loved the mini-scrapbook tutorial. It's what started me following your blog and inspired me to do one for my daughter's birthday party favors. They were a hit! Thanks.

Kayla said...

I totally used your peg doll necklaces and my daughter LOVED them! My taggie football did not turn out as cute :( as it is more round with no pointy ends. I will be redoing.