Live Blogging: Sewing Spring Dresses

I thought I would try something different this evening by "live blogging" my latest sewing adventure!

I'm a little worried, because I've never worked with this pattern, but hopefully with a little perseverance in a few hours I will have a couple of spring dresses to add to my girls' wardrobe.

I plan to make two identical dresses (in different sizes) hoping that by using the assembly line method I can be more efficient.

I purchased the above pattern as a PDF from You Can Make This.
PDF downloads are so awesome.
Especially when mother nature decides to deliver a snowstorm on the first day of spring.
(If I could only download a pizza for dinner, life would be perfect!)

I'll be using these fabrics:
A grey polka dot as the main fabric and red floral for the waistband.

Ok, I think I'm ready...
Let's Go!

P.S. Picture quality won't be amazing; photos are taken with my Blackberry.


Hazel Mayfield said...

Adorable fabric, those are going to be so cute and old fashioned looking. Sweet.

muralimanohar said...

I've never used that pattern, but I have heard glowing things about it; and that style is stinking easy to make, so should be all good! I can't wait to see the result! :D

Shannon said...

Oh, I love the gray polka dot fabric...I am loving me some gray these days. Where did you get it??!!