A way to pass the time...

Yesterday my daughter got a birthday package in the mail from some friends who live far away (too far away!). It contained the best age-appropriate craft that I have ever come across...

American Girl Paper Posies

It is basically a thick tablet of card-stock flowers
(there are around 600 flowers in various sizes
and colors, plus over 700 foam adhesive squares),
ready to be punched out and layered into the prettiest flowers!

Both of my girls have spent hours, quietly assembling flower after flower.
The best part is that they are able to work on their own, and make virtually no mess!
That's my kind of kid craft!

Georgia is planning on making a garland with hers -
I know it will be adorable.

If you have a little girl experiencing Christmas-break boredom, or are expecting to entertain little girls over the holidays, I highly recommend grabbing a kit for yourself. It will be a fun diversion that lasts for hours!

p.s. I know I sound like a commercial for this product, but I am not being compensated in any way - I just loved it enough that I thought I would pass it on!

p.p.s. I'm not positive, but I believe you can only pick this up at Michaels (Jenifer, is that right? Or did you find it somewhere else?).


Kathie B. said...

I'm glad to hear your endorsement of this. I have seen the AG crafts at Michaels but hadn't bought any. With 3 kids home for an extra 3 days due to snow + weekends + Christmas break, I need mess-free crafts. Plus, my kids are getting their very own American Girl doll for Christmas!! The youngest two can't read so I'm not worried about spoiling their surprise. :)

Elizabeth said...

oh my goodness....who cares if I don't have any kids, I want this for myself! that is so cute.

zobars said...

OH BOY !!! I AM going to rush to Michaels tomorrow and see if I can snag one of these for my daughter she would love this project so much. thanks for posting about it too.

Shannon Richardson said...

Okay...so I saw this and ran to my local Michael's to pick up one for my 7 year old too! She LOVED it! I am looking forward to hours of neat, quiet, crafty fun for her! The posies are so adorable. Once again, Kristin, thanks for sharing!!!

DM said...

So cute. What a smile!