Autumn Leah Designs Winner

From 140 commenters, #48 was randomly selected:

This winner is such a great surprise for me (I gasped and laughed out loud when I realized who commenter #48 was!) because she actually lived across the street from my sister and me growing up in Minnesota! Autumn and I have many great memories of living on "Arglen Drive" and a lot of them included Bobbi and her sisters! Congratulations, Bobbi!

Not wanting to leave anyone out, Autumn (Autumn Leah Designs) decided to give a special discount just for Grace Violet readers: 25% off of your entire order!!

Simply enter the promo code "GRACE_VIOLET" to receive this huge discount!


Autumn Leah Designs said...

ok no way! that is so funny:) congratulations bobbi! just let me know what you want!

Joey and Bobbi Kenow said...

oh my goodness!! What are the chances...hilarious! I NEVER win anything! I am so excited! OK--so what do I do now?? :)

Mom, Mommy, Mama said...

I was so excited to see that she was giving everyone a discount that I order all my girls their own stickers! Everything is better when its on sale:)

Andrea said...

How cool is that?!!!! The winner and the discount :)

A Girl said...

Hey! I'm interested in advertising with you... have any info for me?

A Girl