Window Shopping - Pineapples!

Today I am going on a virtual shopping trip, where virtual dollars will buy virtually anything...

Oh, and I am shopping for pineapples - Have I mentioned I like pineapples?

I already own two; the scent is WONDERFUL. 
However, I would buy them again even if they were rank. 
That's how cute this candle is.

If I ever sent actual mail, this would be the card I would send.

Full apron in pink and green. I might be motivated to cook something.

Ok, not exactly a pineapple. But it is yellow. With charmingly sweet ruffles. 
And its my blog, so I can post about it if I want to.

Now here is a pineapple bag. Just not for me; my oldest would LOVE it! 
Oilily is a favorite brand of mine - so playful and fresh. 

I realize I am veering again, but it is pineapple hued. 
And would look great if I wore it while eating pineapple
Don't let the photo fool you; this 3-strand necklace is awesome. 
I own it in turquoise and get compliments every time I wear it.

This personalized embosser would be excellent for stamping 
just about anything -envelopes, recipe cards, invitations. I love it!

Well, my shopping bags are full. Thanks for joining me!


Jodee Leader said...

That was sooo much fun! I love pineapple too!

Jill said...

LOVE the purses! (both of them:)!)-and the necklace! Oh, how I miss Sam Moon...(in person..)
I once had a little antique booth called "The Pink Pineapple"- you would have LOVED it!-
isn't virtual shopping great! and easy on the budget!!! :)

SoSoBella Designs said...

Never really thought much about pineapples, but I love it all. The apron was my favorite :O)
Thanks for the eye candy. That was fun.

Amy said...

LOVE the anthro bag! Fun post! Love the cheery yellow!

Gena said...

I loved your shopping spree. I also love pineapples - the symbol of Welcome, you know?

In my old house, I had pineapple wallpaper. I loved it. That was the 80's, I'm not sure I'd do it today.

The apron is gorgeous and the candle so cute. I also like that necklace - I'm trying to wear more "chunky" jewelry and not just my little stuff.

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

I love that purse!!


RLR said...

This was FUN! Love the necklace, though I'd have to pick a different color (maybe that turquoise you mentioned!).

Cassie said...

I'm thinkin' a trip to the land of pineapple is in order. Hawaii, here I come. I sooo wish!!

Thanks for sharing,

Joey and Bobbi Kenow said...

Love your blog. It's a breath of fresh air with each new post.

Mommy Managing said...

You always find the CUTEST aprons! See anything in pink & brown with maybe dots?

sewhipbaby said...

Have you seen this line of fabrics with the pineapple print?