Life is Easy - Blog

My brother started a blog recently. 

He is a college student. 

He is smart and very creative

He is strange (I can say that, I'm his sister)

And while I am sure that many shake their heads in confusion, we think he is quite funny. 

If you want a taste into the type of nonsensical "humor" I grew up with had to endure from my younger brother, click here. I am sure he would enjoy some visitors. 


LizC said...

Just went there and was quite entertained! He is on my GOogle Reader!

Teri said...

Love the name of his blog! "Life is easy"! Boy, isn't that the truth... I have a son in college as well, 22 yrs. old, who is also quite a writer. I am going to encourage him to do same.

Daniel Mayfield said...

Hey thanks for the Traffic Jam that you sent my way! Just today I had 780,000 visitors. I have never really looked at your blog before now. It is very good!

monica said...

I'm gonna go by and read it now. I love finding new blogs.