Photo Christmas Cards

Each year I look forward to designing our family Christmas card because I know that with the help of Shabby Princess digital scrapbooking elements, I will be able to EASILY create a unique and (very) inexpensive card.

While I aspire to one day convert to digital scrapbooking, it is not something I have attempted. Yet, even with my lack of knowledge, Shabby Princess offers a great selection of easy-to-personalize photo cards.

For only $4.95 I was able to purchase the above kit which included 18 different card options, along with additional embellishments and text (I know that I sound like a commercial - I just really love this site!).

After downloading the files to my computer, I searched through the choices. I wanted to include multiple pictures and was looking for a color scheme that would compliment the photos. This pink and green option was perfect. 

(click picture to enlarge)

Because I am completely untrained in Photoshop and the like, I used Microsoft Publisher to manipulate the digital images and photos. I added the gift graphic that was included in the kit, as well as the "Happy Christmas" text. On my final draft, I will include our family name on the lower green strip.

I plan to print my cards as 5x7 size through PE Photo (good quality, at a great price).

Once I completed, I called up my sister (who happens to have an etsy shop with lots of stuff like this), and had her design the perfect coordinating envelope seal - isn't it adorable?!

If you are interested in quickly and inexpensively creating cards that you will be proud to send out, then I suggest that you set your kids in front of the tree with some cute pj's, snap some pictures, and then head over to Shabby Princess!


I have to say thank you for all of your adoring comments on my last post - they were very flattering (I was even elevated to super hero status!).

But, in the spirit of full disclosure I must admit that I haven't reached the same organizational level in all aspects of my life - I tackle Christmas shopping and decorating because they are activities I enjoy and look forward to throughout the year. 

After all, I wouldn't dream of posting about the state of my laundry room or kitchen sink


randi said...

What a cute card! And I LOVE those stickers. Your sis has a knack for cuteness!

Anonymous said...

Once you start digi-cropping you will never go back!

I love Shabby Princess too! I've made entire albums using only their downloads.

Shilo said...

Your girls are so adorable! And your card is perfect to host their precious pictures!

Jill -Forever and Ever House said...

Cute photos! I am a digital scrapbooker and I love it! I love Shabby Princess because she gives away so many free kits. I believe the address is www.theshabbyprincess.com

Heidi Thompson said...

very cool I've wanted to learn how to digi-scrap but had no idea how. I took your advice and went to theshabbyshoppe and did one of their tutorials. Totally do-able!!!

Came back here to say thanks for the inspiration and the lead!

Terri said...

Great idea for original cards - thanks so much!


Leslie said...

Super cute! What adorable little girls you have. I am off to check out the SP! Thanks!!!

The Blonde Duck said...

I love your little house! I've been thinking about learning digital scrapbooking for awhile. I'm glad I stopped by. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

ReminisceHeirlooms said...

SO so cute! I need to go and order some stickers! Have a great day!

GiBee said...

I love Shabby Princess, too... I don't do digital albums, but I have almost all of their stuff and use it for other things on a regular basis... AND... I only use publisher. I love it.