The wonders of Mod Podge

I have gotten a few questions emailed to me on the topic of decoupage, so I figured rather than answer them individually, I would just make one post where I could enlighten you with my vast knowledge of the medium known as Mod Podge. 

So... do-do doo. What do I know?

1) I like it.


2) It's fun

3) Air bubbles are not the end of the world. I actually don't mind a few bubbles; I mean, lets face it, they happen. Wouldn't that be a great bumper sticker? Air bubbles happen. Anyway, in order to reduce my air bubbles, after smoothing out the entire surface thoroughly, I try to let my first coat (the one that adheres the paper to the object) to dry before finishing with a top coat. I don't know why, but when I wait, it always turns out better.

4) It can be used on/with fabric! I have decoupaged fabric onto wooden letters before, and it was just as easy as using paper.

5) It can be tinted. I have seen an "antique" Mod Podge, but my Hobby Lobby doesn't seem to carry it, so if I want an object to have a worn look, I like to mix a little bit of tan craft paint into the Mod Podge. It ends up looking old and weathered. I have also tinted it with a brighter color (like pink!) which creates a sort of wash over the object. 

6) It's sticky.

7) Elmer's glue (even in a pinch) cannot be used as a substitute for Mod Podge. Remember my clipboards? Well, I Mod Podged the paper to the boards, but did not do a top coat. Once I got to church, I noticed that my sticker letters started pulling up, so I thought, "Why not use a little glue on top, just like I would with Mod Podge?" (forgive me for not carrying my Mod Podge in my purse). The results were quite hideous and splotchy. I will only use Mod Podge for sealing from now on. 

8) It creates a nice hard finish. I especially like that with my most recent craft, the notebooks. Once the top coat dried, I had a really durable surface, so my notebook shouldn't get torn up in my purse. 

Wow! 8 things! I'm like the authority on Mod Podge. 

I have had a lot of fun doing my decoupage projects and would love to see yours! Leave a comment with a link to your decoupage projects so we can all learn from each other. 


Julie said...

I am also a fan of the Mod Podge. I have done a few notebooks, most recently the one I just showed on my blog, along with some other crafty things. I loved the crayon roll tutorial and showed my results with that one.
I have always wondered how to reduce the air bubbles -- thanks for the tip to let it dry on the underside.
And keep the craftiness coming!

Lacy said...

I just did my first two Mod Podge projects this last week. Thanks for the tips!!

Jen r. said...

OH I love Decoupage, but why do I always find Mod podge on my hands hours after I've washed them ;) ? Here's my link to a table I decoupaged..


Jen R

sweetpea said...

I couldn't live without Mod Podge. Really. Love the stuff!

Tammie said...

Thanks for answering my question! I will have to get started!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

I always need an updated tutorial on mod podge. I don't do it often enough to stay in the know.

Charlotte said...

I've used Mod Podge to cover notebooks, some little metal mailboxes I found in the dollar section at Target, and chipboard coasters that I turned into calendars. I guess I need to take some pictures and blog about that! My Stampin Up demonstrator had a 'garage sale' and I bought 1/2 gallon of Mod Podge so that should last me...well, forever!

April said...

I'm with ya...love it too !!

Rocks In My Dryer said...

I LOVE Mod Podge, though it just dawns on me I've been calling it Modge Podge for years. It's considerably catchier; I think I'll stick with it!

Loving your blog, by the way.

TONYA said...

I'm a huge fan of mod podge too and have done some artwork for our living room and make easter pails for the kids using it.

Jackielyles said...

I have a question regarding fallen leaves and mod podge. If we glue the fallen, pretty leaves of Fall on a shoebox (class project for my first grader) and paint mod podge over the top of them, will this prevent to leaves from getting all crunchy and brittle/breaking off or will it help to preserve them until Monday, October 27th?
Jackie Lyles
Atlanta, GA

Krystal (Krys) said...

Hey I'm in sixth grade and me and my friends adore mod podge I have an empty altoids tin that I will soon mod podge as a valentine's day gift for my best friend Isabella =] thanks for telling about the elmers glue I've always wondered if you could use that!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for introducing me to the wide world of Mod Podge! I saw your journal tutorial, and spent my work tips on my first bottle today, hoping I can make some in time for the new semester. =]