I am so ashamed...

Mom, you might need to divert your eyes. You raised me better than this. Everyone else, contrary to the following evidence, I was not raised in a barn. 

I am a fraud. All my talk of organization, and de-cluttering. "A place for everything and everything in its place," I always say. Yet, hiding in a corner of my bedroom is my "craft studio." (What? It doesn't qualify as a studio? I suppose it's all in your perspective. I'll be sure to show you my husbands "office" sometime - it was formerly our coat closet. Seriously. Did I mention that our house is small?)

Let's see... Random fabric, half completed crafts, a wedding photo, a shell, various glass jars, supplies for future projects. Notice under my desk. See the bin to the left with fabric on it? Yeah, that would be this project, still in the same state as it was when I last blogged about it. 

"Hi, my name is Kristin, and I'm a craft slob."

(in unison) "Hi, Kristin."

Wow, letting that out has been so freeing. Its quite cathartic to confess my "craft studio" sins. It is also motivating. You can all be my accountability partners! 

I will check in later today to show you my progress...


Andrea said...

Um, I have to confess. Much of my house looks like that and we've got plenty of room. I am famous for being busy and just dropping things on the counter, table, floor, where ever and moving on. I cannot be bothered to fold the laundry most days. It's clean, though! You are not alone!

AmyDe said...

Oh Hon,

You've got nothing on most of us. While I realize that it's driving you totally batty - it's so mild compared to my garage (of which there will be NO photos) - maybe I can jump on your cleaning and organizing bandwagon. Good luck and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your pink table!

Emily said...

Here's what happens at my house:
Step 1: "Hmmm...while I have a minute before both kids go batty, I think I'll sew that ribbon on those socks for Kendall."

Step 2: Get out sewing machine. Get out mass quantities of ribbon.

That's it! I get everything out and then somehow never get around to doing it.

Alison Gibbs said...

Welcome to the club.
All creative people are craft slobs.
The only clean craft space/studios you see are the ones all prettied up for photos or unused craft spaces/studios
HAve fun you 'craft slob'

Tamara said...

You will laugh when you see my latest post.

I have just found your blog.

A little refreshing to post the 'real' photos. I still like the pretty ones though.

Julie said...

I love your pink table! And I will be excited to see your progress. Sometimes it feels good to just get it all cleaned out, right? I sure think so. But the mess means you're producing, so I guess you can't be too clean!

By the way, I forgot to come back to your site to tell you yes, I'd love for you to link back to my t-shirt project. I left a comment on my post, but realized that was sort of a dingy place to do it. So, you have my permission!

Keep the fun stuff coming!

Aimee said...

it might look messy, but i bet you know exactly where everything is. btw love the crayon roll. wish i had that for church when my girls were younger. what a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Amy and I am a craft slob also. I have been for way to long. I need to get off this stinkin computer and get something done. Maybe then I would quit finding all these cute projects that I MUST make. Like the pattern for the skirt I am sitting holding in my hand the other hand has the computer mouse in it. Hard to sew that way. Welcome to the group, so glad to know I am not alone!

Ev said...

LOL. You should see me desk right now! I'm really going to clean it...soon....