How To Make a Fabric Bucket

A couple of weeks ago, Tanna at Complete Organizing Solutions challenged her readers to come up with a creative way to use scrap denim that came from her son's cutoff jeans. And I was the one who won that opportunity. 
Considering the fact that she is a professional organizer and that her entire blog is dedicated to organizing solutions, I figured that I should probably gear my project toward something organize-y.  

Hence, fabric buckets. For stuff. You know, kid stuff, like little dolls, or blocks, or play dishes.

Using the denim as the outside fabric and child/western print as the interior, I got cuttin' (I'm using western-ish prints, can't I talk like a cowgirl?)

Here is where I had to use some math skills. Fun!

I wanted the bucket's base to measure 7" across (its diameter), and for it to be approximately 7" tall. So I cut one 7" circle from both the denim and interior fabrics, and a bunch of 7" tall pieces at random widths from the denim and interior fabrics. Then, I sewed the random strips so that they formed long rectangles. To determine how long the rectangle should be, I had to find the circle's circumference.

To determine the circumference you just multiply its diameter (7") by pi, which is about 22." 

Is it all coming back to you now? If it is I'm jealous; I thought it was pi times the radius squared, which actually would have given me the area of the circle. Thankfully the internet (my beloved) saved me from craft disaster. 

After I had my 22" strip, I attached the ends to form a tube. 

Then, pinned the 7" circle to one end of the tube, and sewed it on. 

I repeated the exact same process with my interior fabric. Then I turned the denim right side out, but left the interior fabric right side in. 

I almost have a bucket! I just slid the interior into the denim. 

To finish the top edge, I used double fold bias tape. 

I formed little handles out of 5" strips of fabric. I purposely made the denim a little wider, so that it would create a border. 

Then I folded them...

And finished the bottom edge with bias tape. 

Embellishing is always the best part. I sewed the handles to the outside, but to hide the ugly stitching from attaching them, I used wide ric rac all the way around the top edge. Finally, I used iron-on letters to spell out "my stuff."

I had to part with this one, but plan on making several more because they were so easy (especially now that I remember how to figure the circumference!). 

Wouldn't they make adorable baby shower gifts (made to match the child's room) stuffed with newborn necessities? Or imagine nesting buckets, where each one was smaller than the next? They could be used for anything! 
Yes, this is definitely something that I will make again.  


Songbirdtiff said...

This is way too cute. I must find a reason to make one! Thanks for the great instructions.

Bahama Shores Mama said...

I've bookmarked this to try! Thanks for the great idea. I'll let you know if/when I complete it.

PS: I LURVE my apron but I'm having to fight my daughter off. I guess I better learn how to make one for her. Thanks again!

Audrey said...

Oh my! These are adorable! Thanks for sharing. :)

Mrs. Garner said...

You're a genius! Since I'm a bit time challenged, I might just use the pant legs, one for the outside and one for the lining, using a bit more for the bottom and the handles. I have to make cutoffs from some of my kiddo's pants. I patch them but being boys they wear through the patches. Cool new use of my boys leggies!

DM said...

Cute, but do you think it would work for my tool bucket?
- papa

Jill -Forever and Ever House said...

Oh! This is so cute! What a great idea!

You know how the nester uses tin buckets for her boy's playroom? I can see using a bunch of these instead too!! They wouldn't get broken like baskets can!!

Robin said...

Holy Toledo----This is incredibly cute!!!! I am really going to have to make a few of these!!!

Aimee said...

oh how i wish i could sew!!! that is so cute!

Sheila said...

That is just way too cute! Thanks for sharing-can't wait to make one.

Sheila said...

ok I tried this and it was so much fun thanks for such great instructions! you can check mine out on my blog. http://sheilahardie.blogspot.com/

tyketto said...

This is a fabulous idea. I love the tutorial - great directions. Thanks for sharing, Beth

Anonymous said...

Too Cute! Thanks for the tutorial!

Aubrie said...

Seriously seriously cute idea! I have several baby showers coming up this summer and the goodies are DEFFINATLY going into one of these buckets! Awesome!

curlygin78 said...

I love this idea! A great way to use up my husband's old jeans. I plan to make a bucket for my nephew's first birthday. Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I realize this is an older post but I really love the great tutorials you post. I am a crafter and I love to cook. I have two blogs that showcase those passions. Be sure to drop by and leave a comment. I think I am going to link you on my crafting blog.