Enough with the skirts!

I solemnly vow that this will be my last post on skirts. This week.

I finished these two up last night, but they gave me a little more trouble than my last two. The fabric was stiffer, so when I put them on I sort of felt like a bell. A little too a-line. So, I altered my "fiesta" skirt (that's what I named this first one), and narrowed it a little.

I still need to bring this next one in, but I was tired of ripping out stitches, so I saved that project for later. 

I love this fabric. It was another Ikea find (I suppose it was meant for drapes or something). It has a Scandinavian feel to it; and puts me in the mood to yodel or walk through a field of tulips. 


Krista said...

LOVE IT!!!! You are doing such a GREAT job with this blog . . . you are being 'featured'!!! You GO girl! Keep it coming! I think I'm going to 'feature' you on my blog for all of my friends to check you out!! =)

Holly said...

I love both of these skirts, they are so cute and I'm wondering what tips you have for making them? Do you follow a pattern? That's probably a dumb question since I'm sure you're crafty enough not to need one. :) But I'm a begining sewer and want to make my own skirts but don't know if I dare!