It's like decoupaging with fabric!

My girls love to make regular visits to the library. We were having difficulty, though, with transporting the books home, so a few weeks ago I headed to "wobby wobby" (again, my daughter's phrasing) to pick up the supplies to make some totes. 

The canvas bags are so cheap (less than $3/piece) and come in a variety of colors, and I happened to catch them when they were half off, so I got an even better deal. I found some coordinating fabric and got to work. 

Applique is such an easy way to create really unique pieces with fabric. I use "Heat N Bond" to adhere the shapes to the fabric, and then sew a zig-zag stitch with my machine around the edges to make the bond permanent.

I had a couple of yards of coordinating ribbon, that I simply glued on with washable fabric glue.

Babooshka dolls (that's what call them anyway) and skinny legged birds are such easy shapes to cut out, but there are so many fun things to make; if I had a boy I would have to do robots! I also sewed on a few extra buttons that I had laying around. 

It isn't necessary to sew along the edges if you don't plan on washing the fabric. I like the way that the stitch looks, though; and it looks cute after you wash it, because the fabric frays a little around the edges. 

The girls love their new bags!

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Dan Mayfield said...

These bags are so cute. What a neat idea. Now I want to get the supplies and make one.You are so crafty.
Love, Mom