An Introduction

I am starting this blog as a sort of "lifestyle inspiration" journal. Whether it is an outfit, home design, craft idea, recipe, or random news story, if it catches my attention, I will probably blog about it. So that you can get a glimpse of who I am, I have provided the following...


Not me:


So not me:


Definitely not me:


Not me anymore:

Without this, I. Am. Not. Me:

Not me:

However, this is me:


Absolutely not me:


Not me:

Me, for my girls:

No way, Jose:

Aiming for this style to be me:

Better not EVER be me:

Thanks for reading; come again!


1000yds said...

Oh c'mon! I think you should at least try a style the mixes the 'not me shoe' and the 'no way jose' dolls for most occasions with a little 'better not ever be me' thrown im for grocery shopping trips.

Autumn said...

Yep that pretty much sums you up! Great job:)

Dan Mayfield said...

I like this site. It's so me.

Holly said...

I just ran across your blog while reading Rocks in my Dryer. I LOVE your ideas. You are my new inspiration. Until next time.

John_n_Tascha_Piatt said...

sooo glad you're a MAC :) wish more people would switch... those "i'm a PC" commercials make me sooo mad :D
LOVE your blog... sorry about the idea draught... alot of your ideas are similar to my own... but I don't have the organization required to blog about them - or even DO some of them... you have given me inspiration!! :D