How do I love thee, bermuda shorts, let me count the ways

I have found that as I move on through my 20's (I'm 27, if you must know), that it has become increasingly difficult to find cute age-appropriate clothing. Dressing like a teenager is not really appealing, but neither is dressing like my grandmother. It seems like there is a huge selection of stores aiming to please the 16-24 yr. old crowd, but not much for me. Making the process more difficult is the fact that I am short, so when I do wander over to the petite section, all I find is clothing made for women more than twice my age (really, though, I hope that I am never caught in some of that stuff, no matter my age)! Umm, not all short people are 90 year-olds! (I sincerely apologize if I have offended any of my 90 year-old readers with that comment).

Stores like J Crew, Banana Republic, Gap, and Ann Taylor loft usually carry things that seem so
me, however, the price tags tend to be more than I'm willing to pay. Which is why the vast majority of my wardrobe comes from outlets of those stores.

Another store that I usually like is
Harold's, but once again, I'm not really into spending $70 on a pair of shorts. However, if you live in OK, like myself, you can hurry over to the Harold's outlet and get adorable, stylish, age-appropriate, thigh-covering bermuda shorts for $20-30!

I got both of these outfits for $70, total.

I am not a brand snob either, I got my shirts at Target. That reminds me, I should do a post or even a series of posts on my love of Target. The other half of my wardrobe (stuff not from outlets) is from that beloved store.

Notice the navy eyelet. I have an eyelet addiction. I own eyelet headbands, shirts, a dress, even shoes. And now, shorts. Yay!

I sort of felt like a caddie in these shorts, but I don't care, because they are THAT CUTE.

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Megan (FriedOkra) said...

Kristin - Hi! I work with Jo-Lynne on Chic Critique and noticed you'd commented there (GREAT trick with that bathing suit cleavage thing!). I am writing a post this coming Thursday about selecting the right sunglasses for your face shape. As a fun little part of that post, I want to show the faces of some other women bloggers wearing their favorite shades. Not to critique, just for fun. Would you mind sending me a photo of you in your sunglasses (I am surmising by the themes on your blog that you live somewhere nice and warm and sunny and must wear sunglasses quite a lot!) I'll be posting links back to each woman's blog, so this may get you some new readers, too! Just let me know - I'm on a bit of a tight deadline so I'd need the picture pretty quickly. Thanks much!